Managing performance

Managing individual performance
  1. Managing performance

    Our guidance pages on managing individual performance are currently being updated.

  2. Reward and recognition - guidance for managers

    Senior managers should be responsible for recognising and rewarding their staff appropriately, with the support of their HR Manager, using one of the University's reward and recognition options.

  3. Annual academic meetings

    This guidance is aimed at Heads of School, Directors of Student Education and Directors of Research & Innovation.

  4. Student Education leadership role descriptors

    The University has developed role descriptors to describe key leadership roles fulfilled by academic staff.

  5. Conduct procedure - guidance for managers

    We've developed guidance, which you can download below, to help managers to deal with cases of misconduct covered by both the Support Staff Proc

Managing organisational performance
  1. The People Management Framework (PMF)

    What is the PMF? The PMF is a framework which helps our Faculties, Schools and Services transform their performance. We've based it on best practice in HR management and staff engagement and it focuses on outcomes, outlining what we need to achieve, but doesn't prescribe how we shoul

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Recruitment and selection

Equality and inclusion and discrimination
  1. Equality and inclusion and discrimination in recruitment and selection

    We need to think about equality and inclusion at every stage of recruitment and selection and make sure we comply with the law.

  2. The Equality Act (2010)

    The Equality Act (2010) consolidated and streamlined previous anti-discrimination legislation.  The Act reformed and harmonised discrimination law and strengthened it to support progress on equality.

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  3. Harassment

    Harassment is against the law and includes any unwanted behaviour which is degrading, intimidating or humiliating.

Employing overseas nationals
  1. Employing overseas nationals and right to work in the UK

    When you're appointing someone, you'll need to consider whether they're eligible to work in the UK.

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  2. The UK's immigration system from 2021

    The UK's immigration system is changing in two ways from 1 January 2021: free movement with the EU will end, and a new visa system for skilled workers will be introduced.

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Recruitment and selection guidance
  1. Temporary staff recruitment agencies

    Manpower is our contracted supplier for temporary administrative, clerical and professional staff.

  2. Recruitment guide

    The Recruitment Team are in the process of updating the Recruitment Guidance, if you require any support or advice in regards to your recruitment and selection process please contact:

  1. What is redeployment?

    Redeployment gives employees whose jobs are at risk the chance to find a new job at the University. Hiring managers can use redeployment to find current employees to fill their jobs.

  2. Redeployment for hiring managers

    By using the Redeployment Service to fill your jobs you can reduce how much time and money you spend on recruitment. Redeployment can also help you get someone started much quicker than typical external advertising and recruitment.

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Decision making and appointment
  1. Making a job offer and agreeing the salary

    Once you have decided who you want to appoint you will need to offer them the job and agree the salary.

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Recruitment and selection training
  1. Training for people involved in recruitment and selection

    If you are going to shortlist and/or sit on an interview the recommendation is that you complete the below training:

Guidance and Support

Death in service
  1. Guidance for managers - death in service

    The death of a colleague can be a traumatic experience for those dealing with the loss. Colleagues who worked closely with the deceased will be affected and it is imperative that the University’s response is appropriate, effective, and sensitive to the needs of individuals. Such events are, th

Resourcing approvals

Resourcing approvals
  1. Recruiting Managers’ Guidance

    Recruiting Managers' Guidance Our online Stonefish recruitment system has integrated workflow to manage all resourcing requests, that require financial approval. These guidance documents are designed to support users at each stage of the approval process. If you require further guidan

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