Equality and inclusion and discrimination in recruitment and selection

We need to think about equality and inclusion at every stage of recruitment and selection and make sure we comply with the law.

Everyone involved in the process plays an important role in supporting our values and helping the University achieve its strategy.

There are some specific examples of equality and inclusion considerations you need to think about at different stages of the recruitment and selection process.  Please refer to the recruitment guide in the download section below for step by step guidance.

What is Equality?

  • Recognising everyone is different and identifying and developing people’s skills and talents.
  • Giving people equal access to jobs, services, education and other opportunities.
  • It is about equality of opportunity – we try to avoid special treatment but we may have to treat people differently to remove existing discrimination or to make sure that everyone has an equal chance to take part.

What is Inclusion?

  • Understanding that everyone brings different personalities and skills to their work.
  • Providing a workplace which supports the different needs, skills and experiences of everyone

Why is it important?

We need to comply with anti-discrimination laws and support the University’s values. One of our values is inclusiveness which means:

  • providing a safe, supportive and welcoming workplace which values, respects and encourages inclusion so that people can achieve their maximum potential;
  • treating everyone fairly with dignity and respect;
  • making sure that the opportunities we provide are open to everyone.