Recruitment and selection training

If you are going to shortlist and/or sit on an interview the recommendation is that you complete the below training:

  • Management Essential Training – Introduction to Recruitment for Managers. This training session gives you a greater understanding of consistency and objectivity in selection, development and enhancement of interviewer skills, and understanding your role and contribution to the recruitment process at the University.
  • Equality and Inclusion's online, interactive module, An Introduction to Equality & Inclusion, aims to give all colleagues the same introductory grounding in key principles of equality, inclusion and diversity. The module covers the type of behaviours that are expected of everyone, information about equality law, and support for/promotion of equality and inclusion at Leeds. It also explains the potential impact of unconscious bias and ways of mitigating against it. If you have any questions please email
  • The Recruitment Team are also able to provide ad-hoc training sessions on request, please e-mail