What is redeployment?

Redeployment gives employees whose jobs are at risk the chance to find a new job at the University. Hiring managers can use redeployment to find current employees to fill their jobs.

There are a number of reasons why an employee’s job can be at risk, including limited funding and organisational change. If your job is at risk and you have 12 months or more continuous service at the University you can use the Redeployment service. The service has an online register for hiring managers to use and a jobs portal where jobs are advertised to redeployees only.

Redeployment is committed to helping to maintain job security for employees. By hiring a redeployee we can keep the knowledge, skills and experience of an employee who is already loyal to the University.

The Redeployment and Central HR teams and your local HR contact are here to give you continued support and help whether you are a redeployee, or a hiring manager with a job to fill.

If you want to find out more or have any further questions about Redeployment, please contact us at Redeployment@leeds.ac.uk or talk to your local HR Manager/Officer.