How to apply

Our promotions process is designed to be as simple and flexible as possible, ensuring a quicker and more streamlined process.

You can download the promotions procedure document below for full details of the process. You'll also find below links to supporting forms and documents, including application forms and application guidance. The criteria, and local benchmarks (where available) if you're applying for an academic promotion, can be found on subsequent pages.

Things to consider before you start your application

  • In your application you'll need to give evidence to show that you meet the criteria for the grade to which you're applying for promotion.
  • You should read the accompanying guidance document which will help you interpret and provide appropriate examples against the criteria.
  • If you're applying for promotion to grade 10, the process will include an interview and, if you are an academic, it will also be informed by external references. Full details are in the promotion procedure document.