Immigration reimbursement scheme

If you're a new or current international employee who needs permission from the UK Government to allow you to live in the UK and work at the University of Leeds, we can help with the cost.

Our scheme covers the cost of a standard visa application under the routes listed below; to be eligible, you'll need to have applied for your permission to enter or stay on or after the relevant date:

Permission type Visa application on or after
 Skilled Worker - initial and extension  1 December 2020
 Global Talent, if the visa was obtained to start/continue to work at the University of Leeds - initial (including endorsement and visa) and extension   20 February 2020
 Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK  8 November 2018
 Tier 2 - initial and extension (note: Tier 2 is now closed to new applications.  However, if you applied for an initial Tier 2 visa or an extension before 1 December 2020, you may still reclaim the cost)  1 August 2017

If you have external funding which covers the cost of your permission to live and work in the UK, you should claim these costs in the appropriate way from the funding body. You will not be eligible for any further reimbursement by the University.

You can download our guidance document, which explains the scheme in detail, and step by step instructions for reclaiming your costs at the bottom of this page (the document has been updated for a new process during the Coronavirus pandemic).

If you need financial help with other costs relating to immigration, such as dependant visas/settlement, the NHS surcharge, UK NARIC fees or travel to/cost of a UKVCAS appointment in the UK, we might be able to help with an interest free loan. You can find out more on our interest free loan web page.

If you need any additional guidance please contact your local Faculty/Service Human Resources team or email