Supporting mental health for staff

The University is committed to providing an environment that supports staff and students' mental health. Our approach aligns with the national health priorities which reflect increasing social awareness of, and support for, issues around mental health.

We aim to create a culture of openness and honesty around stress and mental health issues in the workplace and everyone has a role to play in achieving that.

  • As members of staff, we can be aware of the types of support and resources that are available to help deal with stress and mental health issues and how to access them.
  • As Managers, we need to understand our role and responsibility and be able to recognise and respond supportively when colleagues experience stress and / or mental health concerns in the workplace.

To support these aims, we have developed new guidance for both staff and managers which pulls together all the existing support options the University has in place and details of how to access them. The documents are available to download below. 

For information about support for students, please refer to the Student Education Service website or click here.