Recording Industrial Action dates through Self Service

How to log strike dates through the Self Service interface

This functionality enables you to record the dates you will be taking strike action in a secure manner. Note this functionality is only be made available within Self Service for a limited period.



Important Action:

If you are not on campus then you will be required to log onto the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to then access the Employee Self Service portal. If you have not used WVD, an IT guide to support you can be found HERE.



1. Log into Self Service using your standard University username and password: 

[Note: if you have any issue accessing the system please contact the IT Service Desk ( for assistance] 

2. Go to Work Information > Work Profile:

Work Information



3. Click on the Industrial Action tab on the top row:

Industrial Action tab



4. To log a strike date click the New button:

Industrial Action New entry



5. Click on the button to the right of the Industrial Action Date field and click on the relevant date from the pop-up:

Industrial Action date button



If you are part-time please enter the number of hours you would normally have worked on that date into the relevant field.

If you are participating in action short of a strike (ASOS) please also indicate that by ticking the box provided.

Industrial Action date 2019


6. Click “Save and Back” to complete the entry:

Save strike date


You can view any existing dates in the table on the Industrial Action tab:

Ia date saved 2019


Note, if you have made a mistake on the entry or entered a strike date in error please contact us via to request an amendment/removal.

Published on Monday 17th February 2020