Promotions process

The University’s promotions process is for all staff.

Our promotions process is open and there is no deadline for submission of applications. 

As noted in our update of July 2021, we are reviewing our promotions process. This supports the University’s ‘Fairer future for all’ pledge: “Based on the new University values and behaviours, we will review our key people processes and activities, such as recruitment, promotions and recognition to ensure that they reflect, encourage and celebrate positive demonstration of our values and behaviours.”  

We have launched the first change; an on-line application process Stonefish for academic staff. This provides a more streamlined process and user feedback from the pilot stage confirms that it is easy to navigate and straightforward. Please see ‘How to apply’ section for further information.

For now, the remaining promotions processes, criteria and guidance documents remain unchanged.  We will update this site as the project progresses and more changes are implemented.

Please continue to consider your personal development (and discuss this with your line manager as part of your Annual Academic Meeting, SRDS meeting and/or with your mentor, as appropriate). Applications must be able to evidence meeting the required criteria. Applications can be made at any point throughout the year. 

If you need any help, advice or support, please contact your local HR Manager/Officer in the first instance, or email