Promotions process

The University’s promotions process is for all staff.

Effective 1 July 2021: The promotion application process is now re-open following the temporary pause.

No further pauses are planned, therefore there is no deadline for the submission of applications.  

The process will be reviewed to ensure it is as streamlined as possible. This will include updating the academic promotions guidance documents, automating the academic staff process, and streamlining the support staff and professional & managerial staff process. We will continue to review application data and will complete an Equality Impact Assessment of the process.

There is no deadline for applications. Please continue to consider your personal development (and discuss this with your line manager as part of your Annual Academic Meeting, SRDS meeting and/or with your mentor, as appropriate). Applications must be able to evidence meeting the required criteria. Applications can be made at any point throughout the year. 

If you need any help, advice or support, please contact your local HR Representative in the first instance, or email