Self Service Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed some of the common questions we've been asked so far below.

Note: for more comprehensive guidance please refer to the Self Service training guides.

How do I log on?

The URL for Self Service is:

Please use your standard University IT (Active Directory) username and password to log in.

The system is only directly accessible when on a campus-based PC. If you are off-campus or using the University’s wireless access (Eduroam) you will need to log in through Windows Virtual Desktop

What browsers can I use?

The University recommends accessing Self Service (eg Kristal, ESS/MSS, E-expenses) using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

If you have any problems using the system on another browser or operating system, log on to the University network through the Windows Virtual Desktop service, then log into Self Service with Google Chrome within Windows Virtual Desktop

What Browser Settings are recommended?

For security we recommend your pop-up blocker is disabled for Self Service by adding * to your Trusted Sites. When you log off Self Service you might notice a small browser pop-up; this is used to terminate the session fully.

Is Self Service secure?

Self Service is a secure web site only available from within the University network. You can see that web address begins with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. 

Self Service uses the same system, SAP, as our HR, Financial and Payroll systems. SAP has been used at the University for over 10 years, it has many millions of global users across many industries including government departments. We use internal and external expertise to make sure our systems are secure.

How do I log off?

The Log Off button is in the top right corner.

You should always remember to log off from Self Service when you have finished and before you close the browser, as doing this alone won't necessarily log you off; some browsers might not send a message to the system to say you've closed your browser window, so the session stays open until it times out. Some internet browsers might also temporarily store secure pages in your computer's memory. To prevent this from happening you need to close all of your open browsers after you have logged off.

This is especially important on a shared or public computer. 


Annual Leave



How do I create an annual leave request?

  1. Select Type of Leave required (Full day / Half-day / Hours (part-time staff) / Maundy Thursday/Bank Holiday Hours for the half day before Good Friday).
  2. Select Start/End dates (end date should be last day of leave, not the date you are returning to work)
  3. Select required Approver if different from default (default approver is defined through the SAP HR Organisational Structure)
  4. Add text note (optional).
  5. Click ‘Check’ button to check dates and holiday quota availability.
  6. Click ‘Send’ then ‘Ok’.



How do I withdraw/cancel a submitted annual leave request?

Go to Working Time > Leave Overview, find the leave request in the Leave Data Overview list and click the Cancel/Bin icon.

Note: If the leave request has already been approved the cancellation will need to be confirmed by the manager that originally approved the request.


How can I edit a submitted approved/unapproved leave request?

Go to Working Time > Leave Overview, find the leave request in the Leave Data Overview list and click the Edit/Pencil icon. Edit any of the required details (leave type/dates/Approver/note) and click "Send and Back".


Why can I only choose full day/half day/hours type of leave?

The annual leave types available to you depend on your work contract. Generally, if you're a full-time member of staff, you'll only be able to select full/half day and if you're part-time you'll only be able to select hours. If you're part-time, it's very important we have an accurate work schedule recorded for you in the HR system so the right number of hours are deducted for each day of leave requested.

How can I select a range of dates using the Calendar in the Create Leave Request screen?

In the calendar click on the first date, hold down the [Shift] key on your keyboard and click on the last date. The range will change colour to show what you've selected and the date fields in the request at the top of the screen will update to reflect these dates.

How can I change who the leave request is sent to?

Click the white square icon in the Approver Name field and use the pop-up to search by Surname/Personnel Number for the Approver you'd like to submit your request to.

Why can’t I find my line manager in the Approvers list?

You'll only be able to find staff who have been assigned as managers within the SAP HR Organisational Structure in the Approver Search. If the line management structure hasn't been created in enough detail for your area it's likely your line manager won't have been assigned within the SAP HR Organisational Structure. Please contact your local Faculty/Service HR office for further information.


How can I book the Maundy Thursday half-day?

Due to the way the Thursday before Good Friday is categorised within the HR/Payroll system, you're currently required to use a specific absence type when booking leave for this day. If you're a full-time member of staff, you should select the "Maundy Thursday-Half Day" option and if you're part-time pick the "Bank Holiday Leave Hours" option.



How can I view my quota and outstanding holiday allowance?

Go to Working Time > View Time Account Balances.  You'll see the annual leave you've got left in the "Entitlement Minus Planned" column.


How can I report on my annual leave dates?

Go to Working Time > Leave Report. Please see the Training Guides for more detailed guidance on how to use the report.


Why do I have a separate Bank Holiday quota?

If you are a part-time member of staff, you will have a pro-rata quota for University closed days and bank holidays.


What does the “Check” button do?

When you click this button the system checks the details of the leave request to make the dates you've chosen are your working days (based on the work schedule held for you in SAP) and that you have enough annual leave left.

Why is my quota incorrect?

It might be that your quota needs to be changed because you've recently had a change to your contract (for example a change in FTE). Please speak to your local Faculty/Service HR/annual leave administrator to check this.

Why can’t I create an annual leave request?

Not all areas of the University are currently using SAP to record annual leave. If you're not able to submit an annual leave request it's likely to be for this reason as you won't have had a quota created for you within SAP.