Roles and responsibilities

Everyone involved in the promotion process has a different role or responsibility, and these are outlined below.

Line manager

  • Provides support for your promotion application following a discussion with you. 
  • Can provide guidance on your ‘readiness’ to apply and on the best route/criteria for you to address.
  • Can review early drafts of your application.
  • Can undertake other roles such as verifier, panel chair, and panel member.


  • Will usually be the Head of School (or equivalent) / Head of Service, or a person they nominate.
  • Is the person who knows the most about you as the applicant and your role, and will verify that the application is an accurate reflection of your role.

Guidance for verifiers can be found here.

Executive Dean and Head of School/Service

  • Agree the ongoing requirements for a (support/professional & managerial) role in line with Faculty/Service needs.
  • Verify applications for promotion or nominate an appropriate person to do so.
  • Can be a member or chair of a promotion panel.

Panel chair

  • Facilitates the promotion panel’s discussion, making sure that application is judged fairly against the criteria for the higher grade.
  • Reminds the promotion panel of equality and inclusion considerations.
  • Records any declarations of interest from panel members.
  • Facilitates a discussion if there is a difference of opinion, to help the panel members reach a consensus.
  • Provides feedback to the applicant for an unsuccessful application. 

Panel members

  • Consider an application for promotion against the criteria for the higher grade.

Independent panel members

  • Ensure that there is University-wide consistency.

Appeal panel members

  • Will consider the case put forward by an applicant appealing the outcome of their unsuccessful application.
You can download the full promotion process document here.