Each grade has a set of criteria which describes the entry level to that grade. If you want to apply for a promotion, and it has been confirmed that your job is needed at a higher grade, you will need to provide evidence to show how you meet these criteria.

Each set of criteria also comes with an accompanying set of guidance notes which will help you ensure you interpret and address the criteria correctly.  We strongly recommend that you read these notes before starting your application.

Academic criteria

Grade 7 - criteria are being finalised. If you wish to apply for promotion to grade 7, please use the former criteria.

Grade 8 Student Education criteria / Grade 8 Student Education guidance notes

Grade 8 Research & Innovation criteria / Grade 8 Research & Innovation guidance notes

Grade 9 Student Education criteria / Grade 9 Student Education guidance notes

Grade 9 Research & Innovation criteria / Grade 9 Research & Innovation guidance notes

Grade 10 Student Education criteria / Grade 10 Student Education guidance notes

Grade 10 Research & Innovation criteria / Grade 10 Research & Innovation guidance notes

Grade 10 Academic Leadership criteria / Grade 10 Academic Leadership guidance notes

Support and Professional & Managerial criteria

Grade 3 criteria / Grade 3 guidance notes

Grade 4 criteria / Grade 4 guidance notes

Grade 5 criteria / Grade 5 guidance notes

Grade 6 criteria / Grade 6 guidance notes

Grade 7 criteria / Grade 7 guidance notes

Grade 8 criteria / Grade 8 guidance notes

Grade 9 criteria / Grade 9 guidance notes

Grade 10 criteria