Pensions+ is a way for you to further reduce the cost of paying your pension contributions, and it can be applied to all of our pension schemes.

Pensions+ is a salary sacrifice scheme which has been given approval by HM Revenue & Customs.  It means that your pension contributions can be deducted from your salary before national insurance contributions are calculated.

You already get tax relief at your highest rate.  By contributing to the scheme through Pensions+, you can make even more of a saving on your national insurance contributions.

For examples of the savings and detailed information about the scheme, you can download the Pensions+ booklets on PAS/USS and the DC Plan below.

When you join USS or PAS, you’ll automatically pay your pension contributions through Pensions+ if you meet the minimum earnings criteria, unless you ask not to.

If you’ve joined the DC Plan, you’ll only contribute via Pensions+ once you’ve been in the scheme for more than 3 months.

IMPORTANT: If you're a member of PAS or USS and you pay into the scheme through Pensions+, you won’t be able to get a refund of your contributions if you leave within 2 years. You must opt out of Pensions+ within 3 months of joining the scheme to retain the right to a refund.

You can still be a member of a pension scheme even if you opt out of Pensions+.

Contact the Pensions department if you'd like a Pensions+ opt out form.