Reviewing applications

If any redeployees apply for your job you will be sent their skills profile, supporting statement and CV (if supplied).

The Redeployment register has an anonymous summary of all current redeployees. You should have a look at these to see if anyone at the same or higher grade looks suitable for your job and contact Redeployment to request their full skills profile.

You will then need to decide if they are a potential ‘match’ for the job. Matching is similar to short listing as you will need to judge whether the redeployee meets the essential person specification criteria.

There will be a potential match if:

  • the redeployee meets 70% or more of the essential criteria and;
  • the criteria they don’t meet could be met in a reasonable time (normally within a three month trial period) through training, development or experience.

You should use a matching form to help you assess redeployees and to record your decision. You will find a blank form and an example of a completed matching form below.

Remember that this is an initial assessment only

  • If you think there might be a match contact Redeployment to arrange an interview to decide whether the redeployee is a 70% match to your job.
  • If the redeployee isn’t a match to your job you will need to give them feedback.

Matching example

A redeployee meets nine out of 10 of the essential criteria. One of the criteria they don’t meet is to have a PhD in a relevant field. They are a 90% match but the 10% they don’t meet can't be addressed in reasonable time. In this case, the redeployee wouldn’t be a potential match to your job.