Redeployment for hiring managers

By using the Redeployment Service to fill your jobs you can reduce how much time and money you spend on recruitment. Redeployment can also help you get someone started much quicker than typical external advertising and recruitment.

All jobs have to spend two weeks on the redeployment job portal before they can be advertised elsewhere. You can also look at the online Redeployment register which will give you an anonymous list of staff available. It shows the skills, knowledge and experience they have so you can see if there is anyone who matches the requirements for your job.

By hiring a redeployee, you can keep the knowledge, skills and experience of staff that are committed to working at the University and already understand the University culture. This can save you time and money as training could be reduced and would prevent advertising time and costs.

Redeployment offers your employees extra support, security and helps to proactively manage change. If you have a job that you need to fill then please contact your local HR Manager/Officer.