The People Management Framework (PMF)

What is the PMF?

The PMF is a framework which helps our Faculties, Schools and Services transform their performance. We've based it on best practice in HR management and staff engagement and it focuses on outcomes, outlining what we need to achieve, but doesn't prescribe how we should do this. This approach gives us a level of flexibility in applying the framework, whilst working within the University’s policies and procedures.

We collect trend data each year to allow us to monitor whether the actions we put in place are making the improvements we need.

How it works in practice

The University wants to ensure a more consistent and effective approach to the leadership, management and development of its staff.

To help us achieve this we've have developed our practices in a variety of ways, including:

  • more effective use of the annual staff review and development scheme (SRDS);
  • undertaking staff surveys against the PMF framework at School/Service level to identify areas for improvement; and
  • developing action plans at University, Faculty and School/Service levels, and reporting progress at the annual Integrated Planning Exercise (IPE).

These are all intended to make sure that the experience of staff throughout the University is a positive one and that everyone's aware of the contribution they can make in helping us achieve our vision.

Meeting your needs

The PMF focuses on helping you meet your Faculty/School/Service‚Äôs needs.  The starting point is the University's strategic plan and priorities which outlines our approach to leading, managing, developing and engaging staff.

The framework can also be tailored for your area.  For example, the Head of School/Service can add extra questions if required. 

Why do it?

Essentially, it's about improving the performance of your area by evaluating what's already working well and developing tailored plans to enhance employee engagement and improve management effectiveness where appropriate.


If you have any questions, support can be provided by your local HR Manager.