ESS/MSS Known Issues & Development

Internet Explorer 11

We are currently experiencing some compatibility issues with IE11, staff are advised to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers until further notice.

MSS ‘Create Leave on Behalf of’

When a Manager creates a leave request on behalf of one of their team who doesn't yet have ESS access, the Team Calendar will be blank (ESS access is automatically provided to all employees who have an Active Directory account created).

MSS Multiple Employment 

When someone has more than one contract at the University (Multiple Employment) and they're managers in more than one contract, MSS will only allow processing for the primary contract. There is a work-around for this currently via the SAP HR Organisational Structure, so please contact the ESS/MSS team for further details.

MSS Employee view, Employee Profile

The Absent Days figure shown on the Employee Profile doesn't include University closed days for full time staff (this only shows absences recorded on SAP Infotype 2001).

Issues resolved:

Mozilla Firefox access issues

Following the upgrade of the Self Service platform over the weekend of 14-15th March users have been experiencing significant issues accessing any of the sections within the system when using Mozilla Firefox. It is recommended staff use only Internet Explorer (8-11) or Google Chrome to log in to the system until further notice.

Quick address postcode search system

This is in development to make it easier for you to update your permanent home and emergency addresses; we're hoping to have this in place by early 2015.