Other things to think about when leaving

Staff ID card

You’ll need to hand your staff ID card in to your line manager before you leave.


If you are a member of one of the University's pension schemes, the Pensions department will contact you to make sure they’ve got up to date contact details for you. If you haven’t heard from them by the time you’re leaving the University, you should contact them on extension 38823.  More details about the leaving service options for your scheme can be found on our pensions pages.

Sports facilities

If you’ve got a wellness key for the gym at The Edge, you will need to return it. You’ll also need to complete a cancellation of membership form, which is available either from The Edge or by emailing the Edge membership team.


Depending on your leaving date, you might be due annual leave that you haven’t taken. This will be calculated by HR and you will normally be paid for the number of days you have left up to your leaving date. If you’ve taken more time than you’re entitled to, this will be taken out of your last salary payment.

Your email account

After your last day at the University, your email account will be disabled and you won’t have access to it.

Parking permit

If you have a parking permit, you will need to return it and your access key fob to the car parking office.

Library access

Your access to library facilities will end when you leave the University.


If you’ve got a Railcard, MCard or a bike with CycleScheme you should contact the Staff Benefits Team on staffbenefits@leeds.ac.uk to let them know you are leaving.