Great Food at Leeds Club

The smart way to pay for great food and drink on campus.

• Link your credit or debit card

• Collect hot drink stamps

• Earn free hot drinks

• Get exclusive offers

You can use the GFaL Club app in over 15 different cafés and 1 restaurant on campus.

Registering with a GFaL Club account is easy and free. Simply download the ‘GFaL CLUB app’ from the App Store or Google Play .

To use, simply open the app and click ‘Tap to display your ID Tag’ and scan your phone at the till. Your stamp card will update automatically if you have purchased a hot drink.

To view your hot drink stamps, select “Vouchers” in the app and then click on the Hot drinks stamp card. You can also set up an email alert to find out each time you get a voucher. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘’Notifications’ to manage your email alerts. Once your voucher has been added to your account you can choose for it to be automatically applied or redeem it at a time and drink of your choice. There’s no need to print anything off, just tell a member of the Great Food at Leeds team at the till and they will redeem this for you. To automatically apply your voucher visit the ‘Vouchers’ section and select the auto apply option. You can use your voucher to purchase any hot drink.

To receive exclusive offer and updates, log in to the app and go to ‘Settings’ and then “Notifications”.