Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle To Work scheme is currently provided in conjunction with the Edinburgh Bike Co-operative and offers a cost effective means of obtaining a bike and the relevant equipment, up to the value of £1,000, to enable you to commute to and from your place of work.

Instructions and FAQs are given below which provide further guidance to explain how the scheme works and how you can participate in the scheme. Please be aware that due to the impact of Covid-19 and a significant increase in demand, availability is limited and lead times are extended. This applies to all bike suppliers. We are advised that current orders are expected to be delivered in July/August at the earliest. Wherever possible, we will prioritise requests from staff who are returning to work on campus.

Please also note that a review of the scheme is currently being undertaken. It is likely that a revised scheme will be in place by September 2020 and this will include an increase of the hire value of up to £3,000. Therefore you may prefer to delay your participation until a new scheme is launched to take advantage of any new terms and arrangements that are introduced.