Strategy, values and standards
  1. Strategy, values and standards

    Our strategic plan 2015-2020 focuses on increasing knowledge and opportunity, both for students and staff.

  2. Equal pay audit

    We carry out an equal pay audit every three years as part of the University’s commitment to the principle of equal pay for work of equal value.

  3. Have your say

    There are many HR activities going on around the University which we'd like to tell you about, and ask for your views on. We've included some of these below, with links so you can let us know what you think about what we're proposing to do, and we'll try to update the sections regularly.

Recognising Excellence – Enhancing Equality
  1. Recognising Excellence – Enhancing Equality

    The University is committed to supporting all staff to deliver their individual personal best, achieve excellence in a diverse range of areas, and progress in their careers. To be a world leading University we must attract, retain, support and develop the best staff; this includes making sure tha

  2. Working lives policies

    The University has a range of policies to support colleagues at key stages in their lives. We've included a brief description of each policy below, along with links to the more detailed information.

  3. Personal & professional development training programmes

    The University offers a wide range of professional learning options for staff through our Organisational and Professional Development Unit (ODPL), including:

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  4. Athena SWAN

    The University works hard to promote gender equality and support the career development of talented women working in academia.

  5. WaLN

    Welcome to the University's Women at Leeds Network, formerly known as WiSET (Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology).

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Joining the University
  1. Joining the University - things you need to know

    When you start working here there will be a lot for you to take in. This is some useful information that will help you to feel at home quicker.

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Pay and reward
  1. Your pay slip and what it means

    When will I receive my pay slip? Your pay slip will usually be sent out in the internal mail four days before the day you get paid. If you are on maternity leave it will be sent to your home address.

  2. Your P60 and what it means

    Your P60 is issued by Payroll by 31 May each year, and is the summary of your pay and the tax that's been deducted from it in the tax year.

  3. How do the University salary scales work?

    The University has a single pay spine which most members of staff are paid on. Clinical staff have their own salary scale in line with the NHS pay and grading structure.

  4. How and when do I get paid?

    The day you get paid depends on the type of staff you are. If you don’t know what this is you can find the information in your contract letter or contact HR to find out. You are paid directly in to your bank account, however, there are certain pieces of information you need to give to payrol

  5. Reward and recognition - information for staff

    Our Reward and recognition policy is for employees on grades 2 &#

  6. Professorial and senior staff salary review

    The process normally begins in the Spring when the Deputy Director of Human Resources, Linda Mortimer Pine, will contact you by email to invite you to apply.

  7. Guidance on salary overpayments

    This guidance outlines the way in which overpayments of salaries will be recovered. 

  1. Why join a pension scheme?

    As a member of our staff you have access to excellent pension benefits. After pay, pension is arguably the most valuable benefit for us all, even though retirement may seem a long way off. Think about how important your pay is to you today; that's how important your pension will be to you when yo

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Benefits and discounts
  1. Benefits and discounts

    All staff have access to a wide range of benefits, from support and advice at work to discounts on shopping and leisure.

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Support for staff
  1. Services for staff

    We have a range of services available to staff.

  2. Supporting staff wellbeing

    The University is committed to making sure that both staff and students get the right support when it's needed.

  3. Dignity and mutual respect

    Our policy on dignity and mutual respect ("the

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  4. Interest free loan scheme for right to work in the UK costs

    If you are a new or current international member of staff who requires support to cover the cost of applications to secure a legal right to work in the UK for you and your dependents, we might be able to help with an interest-free loan. 

  5. Support for international colleagues

    We’re an international university with an outward-looking approach and we’re determined to attract and welcome staff and students from across the world and to do our best to support them when they are here.

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  6. Visa reimbursement

    If you are a new or current international member of staff who requires a Tier 2 to allow you to live and work in the UK while working at the University of Leeds we can help with the cost of your visa.

  1. Promotions

    The University’s promotions process is for all staff and applications can be made throughout the year.

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  2. Associate Professor title

    University Senate has agreed the use of the Associate Professor title for grade 9 academic staff.

  1. What is redeployment?

    Redeployment gives employees whose jobs are at risk the chance to find a new job at the University. Hiring managers can use redeployment to find current employees to fill their jobs.

  2. Redeployment for employees

    We are committed to helping to maintain the security of employment. If you are at risk of losing your job, the Redeployment service will work with you to try and help you find another job at the University.

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Leaving the University
  1. Leaving the University

    Most importantly we'd like to thank you for the service you've given us and we’re sorry to see you go. However, to make your departure easier we've put together some information you might find useful.

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