Reward and recognition

Our Reward and Recognition policy is for employees on grades 2 to 9 and clinical academic staff.

There are two schemes within the policy, which you can download below.

1. The Recognition Scheme is open throughout the year and has two options within it to recognise exceptional contribution (in additional to normal expressions of thanks and appreciation). The two options are:

Option 1

Recipients of an award log into an online recognition portal where they'll be able to select from a variety of activities, short breaks, entertainment and the latest in technology. The portal is administered by a third party on behalf of the University and we have an agreement with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that the recipient won't be liable for tax or National Insurance on the value of the award.

Option 2

One-off payments, which are made through the University payroll and are subject to tax and National Insurance.

2. The Reward Scheme is an annual process and gives the ability to award additional or discretionary increments. 

Recommendations for awards under the Reward Scheme and the Recognition Scheme will be made by senior managers but, if you feel you have a case for any type of award, you can speak to your manager or your HR Manager.

Note: If you are a grade 10 member of staff, you should apply for an award through the annual professorial and senior staff salary review process. Clinical academic consultants should apply for reward through the Clinical Excellence Award scheme.

If you have any queries, please contact Rachael Garrard in Human Resources.