The University of Leeds is a member of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and staff are entitled to a 12% discount on a Corporate Annual MCard which allows them to travel on buses and trains throughout West Yorkshire. Employees can join the scheme any time of year and will be provided with a full years travel.

Corporate MCard Prices from 1st February 2019 - Please see deduction application form below.

To apply for an MCard starting 1st October 2019, you must:

1. Go to the MCard website and order online. See below for a step by step guide to the online process. You will need to upload a new photo when registering for the first time.

2. Complete the Deduction Application Form (below) and send a hard copy of this to the Staff Benefits Team, 11.11 E C Stoner Building.

MCards will be delivered to your home address.

Your on-line application must be completed by 9th September 2019. Any application received after this date will have a start date of 1st November 2019.

If you have any queries or require help with completing the online application, please contact the Staff Benefits Team on ext. 0113 3433966.