Useful links

The following links provide useful information or signposting about HR issues and equality and diversity matters.

The list is not exhaustive and the University does not endorse any external organisations by listing the links.

University of Leeds links

University of Leeds HR –

University of Leeds Equality and Inclusion Unit –

Organisational Development and Professional Learning (formerly SDDU) –

STEM at Leeds –

Leeds University Union –

Trade unions

Unite –

Unison –



Women in STEM

The WISE Campaign –

Women’s Engineering Society –

Women in Science, Engineering & Technology –

STEMettes –

Science Grrl –

Daphne Jackson Trust (for women returning to STEM) –

IOP Women in Physics Group –

Trowel Blazers –

Your Life –

Computer Science Online -

Organisations promoting STEM generally

There are many organisations promoting science, engineering, technology and maths to society at large, with many having a specific focus on young people, such as:


Stimulating Physics Network –

West Yorkshire STEM –