Leadership Excellence Behaviours Framework

Our aim is to foster a positive and impactful working environment at the University, and we’ve devised the Leadership Excellence Behaviours Framework to help by providing a common vocabulary to describe and develop behaviours.

We know that achieving our vision and developing our changing culture needs colleagues who are empowered to lead themselves, lead others and/or lead service/academic delivery.

In creating the Behaviours Framework, we looked at a variety of sources including our University values, equality and health & safety standards and feedback from colleagues across the University to try to make sure that the Behaviours relate to, and can be demonstrated by, all colleagues regardless of role or grade.

If you’re a manager and/or leader you should refer to, and incorporate, the Behaviors in activities such as recruitment, probation and SRDS, as the Framework can help to clarify expectations, expand personal and job-related strengths, and foster individual personal development.

You can find full details of the University's provision for developing individual, management, and leadership capability on the Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) website.