The University strategy, values and standards

Our strategic plan 2015-2020 focuses on increasing knowledge and opportunity, both for students and staff.

You can download the full Strategic Plan below. 

Our values

The University's values remain those agreed between the Council and staff in 2005. They're an integral part of our Strategic Plan and guide our decisions and how we work together. Our values are:

  • Integrity: openness, transparency and honesty.
  • Inclusiveness: diversity, equal opportunity and access.
  • Community: public service and citizenship; collegiality, teamwork and mutual respect.
  • Professionalism: provision of effective and efficient customer-focused services in all aspects of our work, both internally and externally.
  • Academic excellence: increasing knowledge, respecting academic freedom, encouraging critical independence, promoting creativity and new approaches to research and innovation within an ethical framework.

Our aims

Opportunities for students: To provide students with outstanding education, opportunities for all-round personal growth and a life-changing experience; to graduate global citizens who are prepared for the future and ready to make a difference.

Opportunities through research and innovation: To be an outstanding research university, securely placed within the UK’s top ten and achieving significant real terms increases in research income.

Opportunities through collaboration and enterprise: To create and enhance strategic partnerships and collaborations in education, research, innovation & enterprise regionally, nationally and internationally – working with other universities, government, health services, industry, charities, NGOs and other funders. To grow and embed enterprise activity in a coherent way across the University, making a substantial contribution to business creation, development and growth.

International opportunities: To maximise the University’s international reach and influence, ensuring that the impact made by our education, research and alumni community is globally relevant.

People at Leeds - new ways of working: Academic excellence in education and research will be supported by flexible and responsive services able to adapt quickly to change.

Opportunities on campus - environment and infrastructure: To ensure that our campus offers opportunities for an exceptional student experience, provides first-class facilities for research and external collaborations and meets the best possible sustainability standards.

Opportunities for investment: Financial sustainability and the ability to invest in academic priorities from surpluses, a prudent approach to borrowing and maximising discretionary funding from philanthropic, charitable, industry and other sources to support excellence in student education and research.