Hours of work for staff contracted to work fixed hours

This policy explains what the full-time hours of work are for staff employed to work fixed hours.

  • The normal full-time hours of work are 35 a week, which can be worked ‘5 over 7’ days a week, Monday to Sunday.
  • All hours worked up to and including 35 a week will be paid at plain time rates of pay.
  • If you are full-time and your normal working week includes a Saturday and Sunday, another day of the week is designated as a ‘rest’ day and a further as a ‘free’ day.

Academic and academic-related (professional and managerial) staff

If you're academic or academic related staff, you're employed on a 'no fixed hours' basis and you'll therefore work such hours as are necessary. For calculation purposes, the full-time notional hours are 37.5 per week.