Academic and academic related (professional and managerial) staff annual leave entitlement

This policy explains how much annual leave you are given, including bank holidays and days when the University is closed.  It explains the options you have if you don’t use all your annual leave allowance in time.

  • You can take up to 26 days holiday every year (based on your hours of work).
  • You can take your annual allowance from 1st October to 30th September.
  • If you don’t use all of your allowance, you can ask your Head of School/Service if you can add up to a week (pro-rata) onto your next year’s allowance, but this must be taken by 31st December.
  • On top of your holiday you will be given up to eight days bank holiday and eight days when the University is closed every year (the ac­tual num­ber of days will de­pend on the amount of hours you work).