Agency Workers Regulations 2010

These Regulations were introduced to protect agency workers and ensure they have the same basis working conditions as if they had been employed by the hirer. This guidance document summarises the rights that agency workers have when working at the university and the responsibilities hiring managers have for ensuring compliance.

  • Agency workers have a day 1 right to have the same access to University facilities and amenities as University staff.
  • On completion of 12 weeks service, Agency workers have the right to receive the same basic terms and conditions as other university staff, in such areas as pay and holidays.
  • Hiring managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Agency worker regulations for the first 12 weeks, after which it lies with the agency.

Further information is available in the guidance, which you can download below.

Please note that we are updating information for Agency workers on their rights and responsibilities whilst engaged at the University and this will be available in due course. If you have any queries or questions, please contact HR.