Consultancy and other external work

This policy explains the different types of consultancy and external work that academic staff may undertake, the limits that apply and the approval that is required.

There are three main types of consultancy work:

  • University consultancy, whereby University staff are remunerated for expert advice or professional services that relates to their appointment;
  • Clinical private practice, where clinical academic staff holding honorary contracts within the National Health Service are permitted to engage in private practice subject to approval of the relevant health authority;
  • Private consultancy, where an individual acts entirely in a private capacity with no legal link to, or liability on, the University. No University resources may be used in this activity.

Agreement must be sought for all consultancy work prior to carrying out the work, whether University or private and whether during normal hours of work or not. All require approval of the Head of School/Service, Dean of Faculty, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor (as appropriate).

All consultancy commitments, whether University or private, are limited to 30 days in any financial year (1st August – 31st July) for each full time member of academic staff; this is pro rata for part time staff.

All staff will be required to make an annual declaration of the amount of external work carried out in University time whether paid or not (this includes all work, public appointments and charity work).