The University is committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors. As part of this, we're taking the first step on a journey to create a Smokefree campus for all.

The policy gives you information about smoking and vaping on University grounds and in its buildings and vehicles. It applies to everyone and covers all types of smoking and vaping products (including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and e-cigarettes).

Key points:

  • You must not smoke or vape inside University buildings including entrances, covered walkways and doorways, or in vehicles when used for University business.
  • Between 8am and 6pm you are asked not to smoke outside on the Smokefree campus (see map below).
  • For the time being, we are sympathetic to vaping outside on the Smokefree campus.
  • Free support is currently available on campus to help staff and students who would like to quit smoking (see link below).

Thank you to all those who shared questions and ideas on the move to become a Smokefree campus. For more information see the FAQs and map attached below, and please send any feedback to the Smokefree team on