Compassionate leave

This policy explains the support that is available to members of staff who are facing urgent domestic distress. This may include:

  1. the death of a partner, close relative or a person with whom you have a close relationship; or relate to
  2. a domestic catastrophe, such as a household fire.  

You can take up to five days paid leave a year (based on the hours you work), subject to approval from your Head of School/Service.

If you need more than five days leave, you can ask your Head of School/Service if you can take unpaid leave.

Please note that the new Parental Bereavement Leave Regulations came into effect from Monday 6th April 2020. The new regulations apply to bereaved parents who lose a child under the age of 18 or who experience a stillbirth after 24 weeks.

The university will be complying with the new regulations and further details will be made available shortly. For further information, please contact your local Faculty/Service HR team in the first instance, or alternatively email