Support and guidance

There are a number of sources of support and guidance available and these can be relevant at different stages of your career, or of the promotion application process.

The information below summarises the main sources of support:

  • Head of School/manager (or Deputy Head of School/member of the Senior Management Team) can provide guidance on the best route/criterion for you to address and the most relevant evidence to present in your application document.  They can also review early drafts of your application document.
  • Local peer support – an individual who has recently been through the promotions process and can offer feedback on the structure of your application document.
  • Mentor via the University scheme can, if you prefer have more of an independent and confidential discussion with you about preparing for promotion – this may be well in advance of you beginning to prepare your promotions documents. Please select ‘career development’ in the matching preference section but indicate in the comments section above that you would like to focus on promotion.
  • SRDS reviewer
  • Trained Trade Union representatives.

If you have any queries about the most appropriate support for you, please contact your Faculty HR team. 

Promotions roles and responsibilities are explained here and you can download the procedure document below which includes all the information on the promotions process.

For information on the promotions process for panel members, please refer to the panel member briefing document below.