Roles and responsibilities

Everyone involved in the promotions process has a different role or responsibility, and these are outlined below.

Line manager

  • can make recommendations for a promotion following a discussion with the member of staff or, where appropriate, give help to members of staff that are completing a promotions application;
  • can undertake other roles such as verifier, panel chair, and panel member.


  • will usually be the Head of School/Service or a person they nominate;
  • is the person who knows the most about the role holder and the role;
  • will verify the application that has been submitted to make sure it's accurate.

Guidance for verifiers can be found below.

Dean and Head of School/Service

  • identify appropriate individuals within the Faculty/Service to act as promotions advisers;
  • agree the ongoing requirements for a role in line with Faculty/Service needs;
  • verify applications for promotion or nominate an appropriate person to do so;
  • can be a member or chair of a promotions panel.

Promotions advisor

  • gives confidential advice and guidance to staff and answers any questions that they might have on the promotions process;
  • will not be asked to make a judgement on the potential outcome of an application.

Your local HR Manager will be able to give you names of promotions advisors within your Faculty/Service.

Panel chair

  • facilitates the promotion panel’s discussion, making sure that applications are judged fairly against the criteria for the higher grade;
  • reminds the promotions panel of equality and inclusion considerations;
  • records any declarations of interest from panel members;
  • facilitates a discussion if there is a difference of opinion in order to help the panel members reach a consensus;
  • makes sure that the discussion is documented using the pro-forma provided.

Panel members

  • consider applications for promotion against the criteria for the higher grade;
  • record the reasons for their decision;
  • give feedback to the applicant for unsuccessful applications.

    Independent panel members

    • make sure that there is University wide consistency.

    Appeal panel members

    • will consider the case put forward by an unsuccessful applicant describing why they think the wrong decision has been made, and determine whether there are grounds for appeal.