The University offers a wide range of professional learning options for staff through our Organisational Development and Professional Development Unit (OD&PL), including:

You can find our online learning guides, Leadership Excellence Behaviours Framework and general information about our professional development provision and organisational development services on the OD&PL website.


Mentoring involves one person providing support and guidance to another to help them manage their own learning and development. We have a University-wide mentoring scheme at Leeds, and you can find details on the OD&PL website.


Developed by Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Aurora is a leadership development programme that aims to encourage women in academic and professional roles to develop leadership skills and to help institutions to maximise their potential. It's been designed to address the issue of the low number of women in senior posts within higher education.

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The University offers female staff the opportunity to attend the Springboard programme. This is an award-winning, three-month personal development programme designed especially for women. It's been created to enable women to achieve greater recognition and influence and to fulfil their potential in both their work and personal lives.

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Research staff

Information about career development and support for research staff can be found on OD&PL's Your Research Practice pages.