Professorial and senior staff salary review

The process normally begins in the Spring when the Deputy Director of Human Resources, Linda Mortimer Pine, will contact you by email to invite you to apply.

The Professorial and Senior Staff Salary Review Committee then meets in June, and any increases agreed by the Committee are applied from 1 August.

Grade 10 Professional and Managerial staff may apply for either a salary increase or a non-consolidated award (one off payment). Your University Executive Group lead can also recommend either of these on your behalf.

Professorial staff have three options to apply for: promotion to a higher zone, a salary increase which will take you to a higher point within your current salary zone (or above zone if your salary is currently at the top of, or above, zone 3), or a non-consolidated award (one off payment). Your Executive Dean can recommend an increase within/above zone or a non-consolidated award (one off payment) on your behalf. Note though that, if you want to move to a higher zone, you must submit an application yourself.  The professorial salary scale can be downloaded below.

You can find additional guidance for professorial staff at the bottom of this page. If you have any queries, please contact Rachael Garrard in Human Resources.

Clinical professors

If you're a clinical professor, you'll be paid in line with nationally agreed, published NHS pay scales and, in addition, you're able to apply for Clinical Excellence Awards which recognise contribution (including academic contribution). You're therefore not eligible to apply through this process.