Academic visitors

We can invite non EEA nationals to come to the University as Academic Visitors for up to 12 months.

To qualify as an academic visitor they must be:

  • on sabbatical leave from an overseas academic institution to carry out research (for example for a book);
  • taking part in formal exchange arrangements with UK counterparts (including doctors);
  • coming to share knowledge or experience, or to hold informal discussions with their UK counterparts;
  • taking part in a single conference or seminar that is not a commercial or non-profit venture or;
  • an eminent senior doctor or dentist taking part in research, teaching or clinical practice.

They must be able to provide evidence that they have been working as an academic in a higher education institution overseas or in their academic field immediately prior to seeking entry to the UK.

They are unlikely to qualify as an academic visitors if they are:

  • a recent graduate. This includes those with UK degrees as their level of relevant expertise as an academic probably won't be enough;
  • on sabbatical leave from a private research company;
  • a postgraduate researcher studying for an accredited UK academic qualification;
  • a named researcher doing grant funded research. They must apply under Tier 2 of the points-based system;
  • a sponsored researcher. They must enter the UK under Tier 5 (government authorised exchange) of the points-based system.

They will need a letter of invitation from Central HR to show to immigration officials when they enter the UK. Depending on the country they are coming from they may also need a visa.

Paid visitors

The Home Office has recently introduced this category of visitor for those undertaking 'permitted paid engagements' to apply to come here for up to one month without needing to be sponsored under the points based system.

It covers a defined list of visitors who are invited to come to the UK because of their particular skills and expertise:

  • Visiting examiners or assessors
  • Lecturers; overseas designated pilot examiners
  • Qualified lawyers
  • Professional artists, entertainers and sportspersons