What documents do I need to check?

We have a legal duty to check that all our employees have the right to work in the UK before they start work. Checks must be carried out before they begin their employment. This can be on their first day but, if it is, it should be before they start working.

Step 1

Ask your potential employee to provide the required original documents from List A or List B from the download below.

The UK Visa and Immigration has full guidance on required documents including sample copies.

Step 2

You must be satisfied that your potential employee is the rightful holder of the documents, that they haven’t been tampered with and that they allow them to do the work offered.

All documents submitted should be originals, and you need to check that:

  • photographs in documents are consistent with their appearance;
  • dates of birth are consistent with their appearance;
  • expiry dates of any limited leave to enter or remain in the UK haven’t passed;
  • UK Government stamps or endorsements allow them to do the type of work;
  • the documents are genuine and have not been tampered with and belong to the holder;
  • if two documents are presented which have different names, they have a further document which explains the reason for this (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce document, deed poll, adoption certificate or statutory declaration).

Step 3

Make a photocopy of all of the pages which give the individual’s personal details (a copy of the front cover is no longer needed).  In particular, copy any page that provides details of name, nationality, photographs, date of birth, signature, date of expiry and biometric details. For list B make sure a copy of both sides of the Biometric Residence Permit are taken.


  • Copies must be signed and noted as verified copies of the original documents; and
  • Copies should be sent to Central HR with the appointment information where they will be retained.

If you aren’t sure if they are permitted to work in the UK, contact HR for advice.

Where it is confirmed that they aren’t permitted to work in the UK, we won't be able to continue to employ them.