Staff wellbeing

The University is committed to making sure that both staff and students get the right support when it's needed.

If you're concerned about a colleague's wellbeing, you can speak to your HR Manager, or their line manager or Head of School/Service, who'll be able to assess your concerns and, if it's appropriate, make a referral to one of our specialist support services.

We also have support systems in place for students so, if you have concerns about a student's wellbeing, you should speak to their Head of School or Faculty Education Service Manager.

You can find more information on supporting wellbeing, and some of the indicators of personal difficulty or distress, here.

Further information about the University's arrangements is available from:

Linda Mortimer Pine, Deputy Director of HR

T: 0113 34 34912 / E:

Chris Warrington, Head of Student Support

T: 0113 34 34075 / E: