Under performance case study 4

Consider the following scenario and what you might do if you were the manager.  Read each section, think about the possible way forward and look at the suggested approaches if required.

Stage 1

You are a PI in a very successful Research Group. You employ a Research Fellow named Peter Cramp on a 4 year fixed term contract whose standard of work is very high for the first 2 years of employment and then for some reason the standard of work falls quite dramatically – he is failing to undertake the relevant experiments, he is failing to report results and seems to be away from the lab for lengthy periods of time. You can’t think what has gone wrong, but realise that you haven’t really had any discussions with him for months.

What do you do? Click here for a possible approach

Stage 2

You discover in the meeting that Peter is finding the work very dull and has become very de-motivated – he was previously motivated to pass his probation. He feels he is undervalued and being ignored.

What do you do? Click here for a possible approach

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