Under performance case study 2

Consider the following scenario and what you might do if you were the manager.  Read each section, think about the possible way forward and look at the suggested approaches if required.

Stage 1

You are the line manager for about 30 academic staff and consequently are not responsible for the SRDS of all of these staff and have allocated the reviews to 4 of your assistant academic managers.  At a recent meeting with one of these colleagues, it becomes apparent there are a number of concerns with a member of academic staff Dr Heidi Monsoon, which the Assistant Academic Manager feels can no longer be addressed via the SRDS scheme, although the issues have been raised on a number of occasions with her.  Specifically, the issues relate to very poor feedback from students with regard to her teaching (students state that they find her hard to understand), she frequently does not turn up for lectures and does not give  any explanation and often fails to mark course work in  a timely manner.  The assistant academic manager passes the issue to you to deal with.

What do you do?  Click here for a possible approach.

Stage 2

The meeting with Dr Monsoon does not go very well at all; although Dr Monsoon agrees these issues have been raised with her via SRDS, she doesn’t perceive that they are very important and explains that she is very busy with her research.  You are somewhat concerned about this and ask her to evidence for you her research outputs over the last 4 years.  Dr Monsoon does not produce evidence of any real outputs.

What would you do?  Click here for a possible approach.

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