Regular discussions

Having regular meetings with your member of staff gives you the chance to talk about progress and give feedback and support. They are also a good way for you to review and update objectives and development plans to reflect any changes, and to make sure that expectations continue to be clear and understood.

Having regular reviews will give you the chance to:

  • have two way updates on day to day work activities;
  • offer help and guidance on how to progress any issues;
  • recognise achievements and raise any emerging issues in good time.

Holding regular meetings is primarily about catching up and giving you both the opportunity to discuss work. They also help you to manage performance as you will know what’s going on. Simply catching up on progress, finding out how things are going, recognising achievements and discussing any emerging issues at these meetings should help ensure that you never find yourself in a position where there are performance problems or issues you were unaware of.

These meetings do not have to be lengthy or formal and how they operate should reflect what you and your member of staff want them to achieve. Similarly, how often you agree to meet with your member of staff is up to you. You will know them best and you can both agree what is needed.

Remember to keep brief notes of any agreed actions for future meetings and to make sure these are followed up.

Advice and support can also be sought from your local HR Manager/Officer.