Managing induction

Effective recruitment and selection should help you to find an excellent candidate with the key skills and experience to be successful in the role. An effective induction can help them to perform at their best from the start by integrating them into our organisation.

An effective induction allows you to:

  • maintain their positive view of the University developed through your recruitment process;
  • introduce them to key people within and beyond the team who they will need to work with;
  • take them through key processes and important information they will need to understand to be able to do their job well;
  • set clear expectations about the values and standards of the University (e.g University values, mission and strategy, Leadership Excellence Behaviours Framework, Partnership Agreement etc);
  • set clear expectations as a Faculty/School/Service (e.g. local strategy and objectives, local processes such as absence reporting);
  • make sure they are aware of legal and compliance requirements (e.g. Health and Safety, IT misuse, any local issues etc);
  • cover any useful information about how the team work together.

Making a new member of staff feel welcome and supported can avoid them becoming demotivated. Ensuring there is a shared understanding of standards and expectations provides the foundation for them to perform well in the role.

Further support on induction can be found on the Wellbeing, Safety and Health website.

Advice and support can also be sought from your local HR Manager/Officer.