How to manage performance

Managing the performance of your staff is something you'll do every day, often without thinking about it. It doesn't need to be an activity over and above normal management practices.

The following pages will explain how performance is managed through well known mechanisms and processes such as induction, probation and SRDS that most of us already use and engage with.

Designing your job

Although you won't have anyone in post, managing performance starts at the point of you designing your job. Doing this well gives applicants a clear understanding of the job and the skills needed to do it, and you a solid base from which to manage once you have recruited.

To design a role effectively you need to identify:

  • what the job is there to achieve;
  • how it will fit into your team;
  • who are the key parties it will interact with.

This will give you a clear understanding of:

  • how you want the job to work and what you expect it to deliver;
  • how this helps to achieve the overall objectives of your team and your School/Service;
  • who else the member of staff will need to work with to achieve these objectives;
  • what responsibility the member of staff will have for making decisions and identifying solutions to issues;
  • where the overall responsibility for key outcomes lies;
  • what the key knowledge, skills and experience are to be successful in the job.

When you've done this you'll have the information you need to write a job description and person specification. Getting this right means you'll:

  • attract the right people and can select the person who has the skills needed to be successful;
  • have a clear and defined set of expectations and a shared understanding of these;
  • have a clear record of the job requirements which can be used as a baseline for a development plan for your member of staff.

Please remember that designing your job and writing an effective job description and person specification are only the first stage of recruitment. Making sure you plan an effective recruitment campaign, or process, is also crucial in getting the right person for your role.

Further guidance on an effective recruitment and selection procedure can be found in our recruitment guidance.

Advice and support can also be sought from your local HR Manager/Officer.