Bank holidays and University closed days for part time staff

This policy explains how much time off you are given for bank holidays and days when the University is closed if you work part time.  It explains the options you have if you can’t take these days off.

This policy currently only applies to support staff. We are in discussion with our trade unions to agree a policy for academic and academic related (professional and managerial) staff. 

  • Every part time member of staff will have a bank holiday/closed days leave entitlement based on the hours they work.
  • If your entitlement is not sufficient to cover the days that fall on your working days, you can:
  1. Use a day from your leave allowance.
  2. Ask your manager if you can make up the hours.
  3. Ask your manager if you can take a day off without being paid.
  • If you can’t use all of your entitlement because not enough days fall on your working days, you can add them on to your annual leave allowance.