Consultancy and other external work

This policy explains the different categories of consultancy and outside work that academic staff may undertake, what limits are placed on such work and what approval is needed.

  • There are three main types of consultancy work:
  1. Consultancy undertaken for Leeds Consultancy Ltd where the agreement is between the University and an outside body.
  2. Clinical Private Practice where approval is also required from the relevant health authority.
  3. Private consultancy undertaken by staff outside of their University duties.
  • All require approval of the Head of School/Service, Dean of Faculty, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor (as appropriate) before any work takes place.
  • Academic staff are able to undertake 30 days of University or private consultancy work in any academic year (subject to approval). 
  • All staff will be required to make an annual declaration of the amount of external work carried out in University time whether paid or not (this includes all work, public appointments and charity work).