Statute VII and its related Ordinances set out the procedures that apply to academic and academic related (professional & managerial) staff for the resolution of grievances, and for dismissal, removal from office and redundancy.

Current Statute VII

The current Statute and Ordinances can be found on the Secretariat website.

Amended Statute VII

We’ve been working for some time to reform Statute VII and its related Ordinances, and amendments were agreed by the University’s governing body, the Council, in May 2017 and ratified by the Privy Council in April 2018.

The changes being introduced:

  • reflect good, modern employment practice in keeping with the ACAS code of practice,
  • are designed to be readily understandable and transparent, and to ensure fair and timely decisions are reached following thorough consideration of issues, and
  • provide greater protections for the principle of academic freedom.

The amended Statute and related Ordinances will be implemented from 1 January 2019, and any references you see after that date will refer to the updated version. In readiness for the implementation we’ll be rolling out further training to leaders and managers, as well as developing clear guidance for all colleagues who may be involved in conduct or capability proceedings, or in raising or managing a grievance.

The amended Statute can be found on the Secretariat website.

The related Ordinances, which set out applicable procedures, can be found using the links below:

If you have any questions about Statute VII or its Ordinances, please contact your HR Manager in the first instance.

For details of procedures relating to support staff, visit the support staff procedure agreement web page.