Formal procedures

The aim of managing under performance is to help your member of staff improve and meet the agreed standards that are expected of them. Before considering any formal action you should make sure that you have used informal means to do this, in particular that:

  • they are clear what is expected of them;
  • you have provided feedback on their performance;
  • they are clear about the gap between their performance and the required performance;
  • you have an agreed plan outlining what improvement you expect of them and by when, and the support you have provided to help them improve;
  • the agreed action plan has been in place for long enough for them to demonstrate some improvement;
  • you have been clear about what will happen if their performance doesn’t improve;
  • you have a clear audit trail of all of the above.

If you have done this and you still haven't seen the required improvement you should discuss the case with your local HR Manager/Officer as soon as possible. They will be able to give you advice on how to take the case forward and advise if formal action is appropriate or not.

In some cases your local HR Manager/Officer might also recommend a case conference involving you, them, the Faculty Dean or Head of Service and the Acting Director of Human Resources. This conference would be used to review the case, including everything that has happened to date and the records of this, in order to agree the best way forward.

Moving to formal procedures

If it is clear that you have taken appropriate steps to help your member of staff to improve their performance, that there has not been the improvement needed and that you have documented this appropriately, a move to the formal procedures will usually be supported.

At this point it is likely that a decision will be made to no longer hold SRDS meetings with your member of staff, as issues are being dealt with outside this process.

Which procedures?

The procedure you need to follow will depend on what category your member of staff is and whether they are still on probation.

  • The probation procedure should be used for all staff who are on probation.
  • The formal procedure to be used for support staff with capability issues is the Support Staff Procedure Agreement – Section E. For disciplinary (including conduct issues) Section G applies.
  • The procedure for Academic and Academic Related (Professional and Managerial) staff is outlined within the Statutes - Statute VII Part III. The Statute does not have a separate capability section so the correct procedures to use for all performance issues are the disciplinary procedures.

Your local HR Manager/Officer will advise you of the appropriate procedure to follow and will support you at every stage of the formal procedures - and before if required. This support will include advice on writing letters, putting together management cases and interpreting the procedures as well as providing personal support to you.