Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise is offering University of Leeds staff the chance to use their car club service at a discounted rate. There are hire vehicles in designated bays across Leeds, including 2 vehicles (one of which is a Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid) in dedicated bays on campus. Once you’ve registered, vehicles can be reserved online by phone or using the iphone app. You just head to the designated vehicle, unlock it using your membership card or app, enter your unique pin once in the vehicle to dispense the keys and drive away. Enterprise offer annual membership for £10, but will give you that £10 back as driving credits towards your first journeys to get you started. To access this discounted offer, please click on the Personal Link below.

Did you know? The University also has an account with Enterprise for car club vehicles to be used by staff for University business use. To book an Enterprise car club vehicle for University of Leeds business travel, see the Business Link below

Please note: As with hiring any car or van for University business use, please ensure that you contact Louise McCunniff in Insurance Services by email (see below) with dates of the hire and your account code or call extension 36029